What a tremendous blessing LV received when we were contacted in January about a possible article to be written for The Catholic Spirit newspaper.  I (Katrina) was hesitant to share our story, remarking to Laura that we were so small, not doing enough, others are doing more etc.  HOWEVER, I realized that if by the article we could reach even just one more beautiful adoptive family in need or touch the heart of even one person to show or teach them what they may not otherwise know regarding the orphan crisis, then it would be more than worth it! And that is exactly what happened.  I was contacted by someone in our little town who told me of a family desperately trying to raise funds for their adoption.  THEY NEED ALL OF US.  THEY NEED YOU.  THEY NEED TO KNOW THEY ARE LOVED, SUPPORTED, and A LIGHT in this world.  And we will try to do all of those things, with your help. We were also contacted by a wonderful organization in our back yard!  I had never heard of The Foster Closet and am so happy they reached out to our organization to see if we would partner with them to provide for foster children in our community.  Stay tuned for ways you can help, or go to their website and contribute!  What a WONDERFUL organization! 

So many others reached out to acknowledge the work YOU and our little Laurencia are doing to help little ones in need.  Some even donated!  We are nearly at a level to be able to provide another family grant but we're not quite there yet.  We haven't started our fundraising for 2017 in earnest as I'm still working on getting our Newsletter for 2016 giving out!  I do apologize for the delay but stay tuned for the news we know you're waiting to hear.  We simply cannot wait to have the ability to provide encouragement and support in the form of another grant to a family we KNOW is deserving and in need. 

For those who missed it, here is a link to the article. http://thecatholicspirit.com/news/local-news/monticello-couple-supports-orphans-adoptive-families-loss-infant-daughter/

As always, THANK YOU for your support and for helping us to fulfill our mission by your prayers, encouraging words, donations, and selfless giving!

God bless,

Laurencia's Victory



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