We are once again honored to introduce you to another Laurencia's Victory grant recipient family.  Jess and Ryan Bjokne are a beautiful couple who have been through some extremely challenging times in their journey to have children.  Please visit their blog, www.jessicabjokne.com to hear their faith-filled story in Jessica's own words.  Jess and Ryan have an extremely unique and extremely inspiring story.  You see, the Bjoknes are in the process of adopting the teeniest, tiniest of God's children.  They are going through what is called "embryo adoption".  Some reports estimate there to be over 600,000 frozen embryos in storage in the U.S.  The tiniest among us, the most vulnerable, helpless and in need.  What do they need?  Just, a chance.  Jess and Ryan believe in giving these precious souls a chance at life.  As another mom going through this process puts it, "they deserve the dignity of a womb".  Indeed.  From what we have learned and read, it would seem that this process requires strength of character and heart and faith beyond measure.  And Jess and Ryan are filled with all three of these.  We are so blessed to call them friends and so grateful to share in their amazing journey.  LV was able to pay one of the invoices awaiting the Bjoknes at the transfer clinic (images in the slideshow at the top show J&R at the clinic for their first embryo transfer of three precious souls--go to Jess' blog to learn what happened and where they are in the process).  While they will incur many more expenses along this journey, we know they are ever so thankful for the grant from LV and thankful to each of you who made it possible.  Jess and Ryan themselves volunteered at the 5k (they were on the race course directing runners!) and they are committed to helping others like them.  See?  Told you they were pretty great. 

Jessica personally asked us for only one thing, prayers.  So, would you join us in praying for Ryan, Jess and each of the precious lives waiting for a momma and daddy to call their own?  

You can learn more about embryo adoption here and here.


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