We are so honored to introduce you to one of the very first Laurencia's Victory benefiting families.  We first learned of the Watson family and of their adoption journey just last spring.  We have been following their beautiful story and were overjoyed to witness them bringing their daughter home recently.  HOME!  We are simply blessed to know this family and thank God for bringing them to us and us to them!  Laurencia's Victory was able to pay a portion of a bill from the Watson's post-adoption fees.  This was only possible because of YOU and YOUR support.  As many may know by now, adoption is not cheap!  While the grant from Laurencia's Victory covers only a small fraction of the large fees involved, our hope is that it might ease at least some of the burden so that this family can focus on showing their new baby girl what it means to be LOVED and to have a family.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us Watsons!  To learn about the Watson family, please go to their family blog: www.ourobedientlove.com
Here are some more photos because we just can't get enough of this cuteness!  Do you see the LOVE, do you see the JOY?  By walking along with us on our mission, you get to be a part of THIS!  What could be better? 


11/26/2014 12:10pm

This is amazing and put a HUGE smile on my face!

Jessica Watson
11/26/2014 1:58pm

THANK YOU for bringing Emi HOME Valencia's Victory!!


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